Welcome to Permafrost Beards!


To use our oils; The oil is for your skin so work it into and under your beard to get it onto your skin. Apply an amount appropriate for your beard, approximately 10 to 12 drops.  If you have a longer beard you might want to put a small amount on the ends of your beard too. Watch a video on our YouTube Channel, click here.



To use our balms; Use the guitar pick to scoop out a pea size to quarter size depending on your beard size and the hold you would like. Once you have the right amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together vigorously making plenty of heat until the balm is broken down to an oil-like consistency and apply it to your beard and through it. Style it as you like. Watch a video on our YouTube Channel, click here.


To use our wash;  Gently massage into damp Facejacket until a light lather forms, rinse, and repeat if desired. Our wash was designed for beard hair and will soften your Facejacket. A little goes a long way. Watch on our YouTube channel, click here.

To use our mustache wax; Use the back of your finger nail to scrape small amounts of wax out of the tin. Once you have the desired amount on your nail, place it between your finger and thumb to soften the wax, then work it slow and gentle into your mustache. It helps to use a small mustache comb to work the wax through, then style as desired.

Keep Your Facejacket On!