2018 Mr. Facejacket Beard Competition

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We didn't get to have a beard competition in Fairbanks this year, so we are making one! On August 25, 2018 at the Howling Dog Saloon we will fix this problem and have the Mr. Facejacket Beard Competition. Start spreading the word and get all of your friends to come out to this amazing event. We will have the following categories in no particular order;
  1. Mustache only
  2. Goatee
  3. Sideburns/mutton chops
  4. Business Facejacket two inches or less
  5. Medium Facejacket 2”-8”
  6. Long Facejacket, longer than 8”
  7. Freestyle Facejacket/mustache
  8. Mr. Facejacket, winners from classes compete.
  9. Bonus! Mrs. Facejacket, ladies compete with fake or real Facejackets!
For registration click here for questions, you can use the contact information below or message us on either Facebook or Instagram. Early registration is open now for $10.00, day of registration will be $12.00 and registration fees will go to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. Go ahead and click the link and donate more! Watch on here or on our social media for updates. Check out the sponsors that are donating prizes for this event below. Visit them, shop from them, and let them know how awesome they are for being a part of this.
Want to sponsor this event? Contact us and let us know.
Update: The News Article about our event Click Here.