About Us

Permafrost Beards is owned and operated by my wife and me. I am an Army veteran that retired with over 22 years of service, first as an aircraft mechanic and then as a Chinook helicopter pilot. My amazing wife puts her Master’s in Education to work homeschooling our two kids. She is also self-employed in another venture all while helping keep Permafrost Beards organized and efficient. After the Army we wanted to start something of our own. We also had trouble finding beard products in Fairbanks, Alaska to keep a beard looking like an intentional choice and not just someone that is too lazy to shave. Another issue was we thought many of the products were too greasy and didn’t have the right amount of hold, so we bought some ingredients and decided to try to make our own. After trying many recipes while searching for the right hold, sheen, scents, and still using all natural ingredients that would nourish both the beard and skin we created the current recipes and decided on the four main scents. We decided to open and start selling our beard balms and oils after a friend asked a simple question, "How much do you want for this?" Our products turned out to be a big hit with our bearded brothers up here. This is when Permafrost Beards began. We designed and created our logo, had labels made, obtained our Alaska state business license, and applied for the Made In Alaska Bear logo. We received approval to use it and now proudly display that along with the American flag on our labels. Now you can join us for the adventure of making amazing beard products up here in Alaska for Alaskans and the world to enjoy. Follow our social media links to see what we are up to. There should be plenty of road trips, flying things, Northern Lights, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, skiing, and of course Beardos!

Keep Your Facejacket On!


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