Handcrafted Body Soap

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Keep The Stink Off! We have it in all of our scents now, watch for updates. Wood Chip Whiskey will bring you outside with a fire going and a whiskey in your hand. Minty Moose Drool has a clean in the woods scent with a peppermint undertone. Yukon Spice brings to mind the scent of warm winter spiced drinks with a hint citrus to make it sweet too. Glacier is an Alaskan take on a classic barber shop scent. Tundra Tobacco is a freshly opened bag of pipe tobacco with a hint of vanilla. Folks asked for it and Sherri from AK Lady Barber listened so the joint label Susitna is back! Unscented too! Get your 5 oz bar of Permafrost Beards Soap that is handmade in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Keep Your Facejacket On!